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Below is a long list of books which we have in stock, and available for sale, arranged alphabetically by author. This list does not tell you if the book is a signed copy, or a first edition, or even the price, but if you click on the link, you will see a full description. You can scroll down if you know the author's name, or to find any author or title faster, just use the 'control F' command (for 'find') and start typing in the box and you will go automatically to the first entry that matches your request. (For a Mac use 'Command F'). Or, click here to search all of our on-line booklistings.

anonymous - Albert, Susan Wittig.
Albert, Susan Wittig. - Alvarez, Julia.
Alvarez, Julia. - [Anthology] Kessel, John; Mark L Van Name and Richard Butner, editors. Karen Joy Fowler, signed.
[Anthology] Manson, Cynthia, editor, - [Anthology, signed] Silverberg, Robert and Karen Haber.
[Anthology, signed] Silverberg, Robert and Karen Haber, editors. Kim Stanley Robinson, signed. - Asprin, Robert and Linda Evans.
Asquith, Margot, Countess of Oxford and Asquith. - Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin, Illustrated by Grace Paull.
Bailey, Erroll J. - Barger, Bob and Nava, Julian.
Barich, Bill. - Bass, Rick.
Bass, Rick. - Bell, Clare.
Bell, Derrick - Berry, Wendell.
Berry, Wendell. - Blish, James, editor.
Berry, Wendell. - Blish, James, editor.
Blish, James, editor. - Bova, Ben.
Bova, Ben - Brautigan, Richard
Brautigan, Richard - Brosnan, John
Brosnan, Micheal. - Bulkin, Elly and Larkin, Joan, editors
Bull, Emma and Steven Brust. - Byatt, Antonia (A. S.)
Byers, Michael. - Campo, Rafael; Frederico Garcia Lorca.
Campos, Abby, Manuel, Rolando and others. - Carroll, Jonathan.
Carroll, Jonathan. - Charles, Kate.
Charles, Kate. - Christie, Agatha
Christie, Agatha - Coates, Lawrence.
Christie, Agatha - Coates, Lawrence.
Coatsworth, Elizabeth. - Connell, Evan S., Jr.
Connell, Evan S., Jr. - Cornwell, Bernard
Cornwell, Bernard - Crews, Harry
Crews, Harry - Dale, Edgar.
Dale, Rodney. - Dawson, Carol.
Dawson, Janet - Dennis, Jerry; illustrated by Glenn Wolff.
Dennison, George - Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee; William E. Justice and James Quay, editors.
Divine, David. - Dorris, Michael.
Dorris, Michael. - Dufresne, John
Dufresne, John - Edgerton, Clyde
Dufresne, John - Edgerton, Clyde
Edgerton, Clyde - Ellory, R. J.
Ellory, R. J. - Everett, Percival.
Everett, Percival. - Ferman, Edward L, editor.
Fermin, Edward, editor. Dennis Etchison, signed. - Foley, Martha, editor; William Goyen, Shirley Jackson, Bernard Malamud, Tennessee Williams and others, contributors.
Foley, Martha, editor; William Goyen, Shirley Jackson, Bernard Malamud, Tennessee Williams and others, contributors. - Francis, Dick.
Francis, Dick. - Fuller, Alexandra.
Fuller, Alexandra. - Gardner, John.
Gardner, John. - Gibson, William.
Gibson, William. - Goell, Milton J. [Jacob]
Goerner, Fred. - Gore, Steven.
Goerner, Fred. - Gore, Steven.
Goren, Charles H. - Green, Terence M
Green, Tim - Gross, Martin L.
Gross, Terry, - Haldeman, Joe.
Haldeman, Joe. - Hance, William A., editor, Leo Kuper and Edwin S. Munger.
Hand, Elizabeth. - Harrison, Jim
Harrison, Jim - Head, Bessie [1937-1986]; Grace Ogot, Nadine Gordimer and others.
Head, Gwen. - Herbert, Brian and Kevin J. Anderson,
Herbert, Frank - Hillerman, Tony
Hillerman, Tony - Holmes, Peggy, aided and abetted by Joy Roberts/
Holmes, Peter. - Hughes, Declan.
Holmes, Peter. - Hughes, Declan.
Hughes, Dorothy. - Irving, John.
Irving, John. - Jance, J. A.
Jance, J. A. - Jones, Gayl
Jones, Gayl. - Karbo, Karen.
Karbo, Karen. - Kemelman, Harry
Kemelman, Harry. - Kerouac, Jan.
Kerr, Jean and Walter - Kinnell, Galway.
Kinnell, Galway. - Koontz, Dean; Zenna Henderson and others.
Kopelman, Jay. - Lai, Him Mark; Lim, Genny; Yung, Judy, eds.
Laidlaw, Marc. - Law, Tom.
Laidlaw, Marc. - Law, Tom.
Law-Yone, Wendy - Lem, Stanislaw
Lem, Stanislaw; Michael Kandel, editor. - Lewitt, Shariann (S. N. Lewitt)
Lewontin, Timothy. - Loeffelholz, Mary.
Loehfelm, Bill. - Lutz, Lisa.
Lutz, Lisa. - Major, Clarence.
Major, Clarence. - Martin, Allana.
Martin, Ann M. - Mattison, Alice.
Mattison, Alice - McCorkle, Jill
McCorkle, Jill - McGuane, Thomas.
McGuane, Thomas. - Meltzer, David
McGuane, Thomas. - Meltzer, David
Meltzer, David - Miller, Wade (pseudonym of Robert 'Bob' Wade and Bill Miller)
Miller, Wade (pseudonym of Robert 'Bob' Wade and Bill Miller) - Moody, Rick.
Moody, Susan. - Morrison, Toni.
Morrison, Toni. - Murdoch, Iris.
Murdoch, Iris. - Newby, I. A. , editor
Newby, P. H. - Norton, Andre [pseudonym of Alice Mary Norton].
Norton, Andre [pseudonym of Alice Mary Norton]. - Oates, Joyce Carol.
Oates, Joyce Carol. - Otto, Whitney
Otto, Whitney - Parker, T. Jefferson.
Parker, T. Jefferson. - Pearson, T. R.
Parker, T. Jefferson. - Pearson, T. R.
Pearson, T. R. - Peters, Elizabeth [Barbara Mertz].
Peters, Elizabeth [Barbara Mertz]. - Pinnow, Marilyn.
Pinter, Harold; Astbury, Anthony and Godbert, Geoffrey (selected by) - Pratchett, Terry.
Pratchett, Terry. - Quindlen, Anna
Quindlen, Anna - Reed, Philip.
Reed, Robert. - Richardson, Dorothy M.
Richardson, Doug. - Robinson, Marilynne.
Robinson, Marilynne. - Ruark, Robert.
Ruark, Robert. - Salzman, Mark.
Salzman, Mark. - Satterthwait, Walter.
Salzman, Mark. - Satterthwait, Walter.
Satterthwait, Walter. - Scofield, Sandra.
Scofield, Sandra. - Seton, Cynthia Propper.
Seton, Cynthia Propper. - Shields, Carol.
Shields, Carol. - Simenon, Georges.
Simenon.Georges. - Smith, Charlie.
Smith, Charlie. - Somtow, S. P. (Somtow Sucharitkul)
Somtow, S. P. [Sucharitkul Papinian] - [Stapledon, Olaf and Miller, Agnes] Crossley, Robert, editor.
Stark, Freya. - Stockley, Grif
Stockton, Frank (illustrated by Reginald Birch.) - Sussman, Paul.
Sutcliff, Rosemary. - Teague, Bohlen and others.
Sutcliff, Rosemary. - Teague, Bohlen and others.
Teague, Mark. - Thurston, Mrs. Lucy G. (introduction by Lorrin A. Thurston.)
Thurston, Robert. - Tucker, Dr. William. J.
Tucker, Kerry - Uyemoto, Holly.
[V series, originated by A. C. Crispin] Wold, Allen . - Vidal, Gore.
Vidal, Gore and Robert J. Stanton, editors. - Walker, Alice.
Walker, Alice - Watson, Ian
Watson, Ian. - Wesley, Mary, 1912-2002 (pseudonym of Mary Aline Mynars Farmar Siepmann.)
Wesley, Mary, 1912-2002 (pseudonym of Mary Aline Mynars Farmar Siepmann.) - Wiese, Kurt.
Wiesel, Elie - Willis, R. G.; F. B. Welburn, G. Jahoda and others.
Willis, Sarah. - Wolff, Tobias